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Limenex vs EasyWP Performance Benchmark

  • April 15th, 2020

We came across this very interesting article by EasyWP, a sub-brand owned by Namecheap, where they claim to be the “fastest WordPress hosting” in comparison to heavyweights like Bluehost, GoDaddy, WP Engine and Kinsta. At Limenex, we are very proud of our High Performance Cloud Hosting so we figured it will be fun to put ourselves into the test.

Our Methodology

Same rules as EasyWP/Namecheap, but with more transparency.

We did not include Bluehost, GoDaddy, WP Engine and Kinsta in this benchmark as we are challenging ourselves against the defending champion – EasyWP by Namecheap.

To perform a fair comparison, we used GTmetrix as well to run the benchmark on a website hosted by EasyWP as well as our very own Limenex cloud web hosting.

  • Tests were undertaken in European working hours
  • The GTmetrix Dallas server was used universally for testing all hosting companies
  • For each hosting provider, we created one new WordPress website using the default wizard where available (Softaculous, in our case)
  • All websites used the exact same default theme (Twenty Twenty)
  • Websites were not installed with any additional plugins except for those that came, by default, with WordPress and those pre-installed plugins designated by the hosting provider (EasyWP Cache vs Limenex’s LiteSpeed Cache plugin)
  • All websites had an SSL certificate installed and tests were done on HTTPS
  • We ran the benchmark 5 times at different timings to account for fluctuations
  • We publish the results of the tests with the source
  • We tested using the cheapest plans (EasyWP Starter vs Limenex TurboCloud X1)

Long story short, we created a brand new WordPress account and did not make any changes to it. We are comparing the default WordPress hosting experience you will be getting at EasyWP/Namecheap and Limenex without tweaking anything.

The Results Don’t Lie — We’re Obviously the Fastest

As usual, we compare the same key items:

  1. Fully Loaded Time. The total amount of time taken to fully load a page. Lower timing = faster website speed.
  2. Time to First Byte. The amount of time before your browser starts receiving data from the server. Higher timing = slower website speed.

These benchmarks were taken simultaneously to ensure fairness and accuracy of comparison.

Limenex vs EasyWP (Namecheap)

Of course, anybody can write any numbers they want in their own image, so we put the source of the benchmark from the third-party website (GTmetrix) freely available for your verification.

EasyWP Benchmark | Limenex Benchmark

More Benchmarks

What’s better than testing once? Testing five times! We published the best benchmark comparison we obtained above but let’s be honest, even Usain Bolt can’t run 9.58s for the 100m sprint consistently every single time.

[table id=2 /]

Performance can improve or suffer based on a wide variety of reasons. Most commonly, the server load and traffic congestion are the key culprits to slowdowns but these can fluctuate very frequently hence consistency in performance is key.

Why is Limenex so Much Faster?

It’s quite simple actually. No need for paragraphs of text that you can’t make sense of.

  1. Insanely fast Cloud. Our cloud platform is built on enterprise hardware and proprietary storage technology to deliver superior performance.
  2. Low Server Density. Many hosting providers squeeze as many websites as they can into a single server to maximize profits. We do the opposite. We put as little websites as we can into a very powerful server to maximize performance.
  3. LiteSpeed Web Server. It’s no secret that LiteSpeed makes your website go crazy fast, like lightspeed!

The Fastest WordPress Hosting…and More!

Unlike EasyWP, which is focused solely on WordPress hosting, Limenex provides a complete hosting experience, providing you not only with the Fastest WordPress Hosting, you also get:

  • Full cPanel Access
  • Email Hosting
  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Host Non-WordPress Websites
  • And many more!

We like to think that we are not just the fastest at WordPress. Perhaps we might very well be the fastest at every type of website.

What are you waiting for? Get the fastest cloud hosting from only $2.99/m!

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